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This free to play Keno game plays in flash, and it is another fun game from Betsoft that comes in a nicely designed graphics that recreate a plush looking keno room in a casino. Keno is a combination between the lottery and bingo. And because more random numbers are generated than with a lottery, it gives a greater chance of getting frequent small wins, with the possibility of also getting those large wins that we dream about. This has led to Keno becoming a popular game that is played most countries around the world. And if you can't play it in yours, you can play it here. Keno has ancient beginnings that originated in China thousands of years ago. It is said to have been invented by an Emperor who wanted to find an alternate way to raise money for his armies, instead of hitting is people with more taxes. Eventually, travelers brought this game to the West where it was given the name of Keno by immigrants in America.

Playing Betsoft’s Keno free game

Since Keno’s arrival in the West, the game has grown in popularity exponentially, which has led to governments and lottery organizations to take on this game and allow the public to play this game outside licensed casinos. And now Betsoft has brought this no deposit Keno free game for you to play online and from the comfort of your own home.  This free to play game is easy to play. You just choose 10 numbers from the 80 numbers on the card, and then choose how much you want to bet with. Then you select how many games you want to play these numbers on and sit back and watch the 20 random numbers being generated. You’ll win according to the pay table which is calculated on your bet size and how many random generated numbers matched yours.

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