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Klub Keno
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Klub Keno

In producing this free to play Klub Keno game, Betsoft has taken the classic Keno game and enhanced it with some nice animations and colorful graphics to give it a party theme. Keno is a kind of lottery, a game of chance where you pick 10 numbers and hope that these will match the ones generated by the random number generator. However, because more numbers are generated by the random generator in Keno than in a standard lottery, you have the chance of getting the smaller wins quite frequently. This is why Keno has become such a popular game among all ages across the globe. In most countries, Keno is run by national or private lottery organizations that have made this fun game available outside licensed casinos. Keno has ancient roots which date back thousands of years to China. And today this ancient game can be played online in various exciting themes and formats with added features such as this one by Betsoft.

Playing Klub Keno free game

This Betsoft no deposit Klub Keno free game plays directly in the browser and to start this game you first select 10 numbers from the 40 numbers on the card. You must then choose your wager to place from the given choices which are 0.02, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0 - the higher the wager, the bigger the win. Once you have chosen your bet, you then choose how many rounds you want to play your numbers on. You have a choice of one, five and 10 rounds. Then simply start the game and the random numbered balls will be generated. In this free to play Klub Keno game keep your eye out for the star ball which will double your winnings if it has your number. And all winnings are paid according to the pay table, which are based on the wager size and the number of matching numbers.

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