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Super 7 Blackjack
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Super 7 Blackjack

Betsoft is known for bringing exciting variations of no download casino games online, and this Super 7 Blackjack free game is one of them. This game is based upon the standard American Blackjack game. However, it has an additional feature, where you can make a $1 bet on a seven being dealt as the first card. If a seven is dealt first to you, then you get three times your bet. If more sevens are dealt in successive cards, you can win much more. Apart from this optional betting feature, the deposit free Super 7 Blackjack casino game plays the same way as the standard game. It is played with six decks that are reshuffled after each round. There are normal playing options such as doubling down on card values of 10 or 11; splitting same value cards, and paying an insurance if you think the dealer will get a blackjack an Ace is dealt. And if you get a blackjack in this unlimited free chips casino game you win 3/2 times your bet. For further betting strategy information and to get help with the rules, just click on the help button.

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