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Jacks or Better 1 Hand
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Jacks or Better 1 Hand

This free to play on our site Jacks or Better 1 Hand video poker game is another great title in the classic online poker games pioneered by Net Entertainment. As usual, NetEnt a leading online game developer has produced an exciting and simple online poker game that plays instantly in the browser for its fans. This particular video poker game is easy to play even for novice players, since the game as the name suggests, requires you only to get cards that are two Jacks or higher. There are no complex gaming rules as this is a single hand poker game and it is not played against other players. Moreover, as this Jacks or Better 1 Hand plays is free to play on our site without the need to register, you can play anonymously without any risk or cost. So this is a great way to practice this online single-hand video poker game before deciding whether to play it for real.

How to play Jacks or Better 1 Hand poker game

To start this game is simple by first placing your bet amount and the aim is to get a winning hand of two jacks or more. After doing this you're dealt five cards. If there you have a winning hand, the video poker machine will automatically hold these cards which can be overridden by you if you want to. You can also choose which cards you want to keep by clicking on the hold buttons underneath. The cards are then dealt a second time and depending on the result of this; you will either win or not. If you do have a winning hand, you have the option to win more by gambling this or collecting it. If you decide to gamble you are taken to a second screen. In this second screen, there are two gambling options. The first option is to choose what you think will be the next card color which will double your winnings if you get it right. And the second gambling option is to choose what you think will be the next card suit. This will pay four times.

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