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Free online slots

Free Slot games — is the exciting entertainment for all those who love unpredictable games. This kind of fun had been invented at the end of the XIX century. And till now stays one of the most popular among gambling games. And what is best — you can try them for free. Here you can find the giant collection of free slot machine games without downloading or registration. You'll find out what types of games exist, what the free online slot games essentially are and other important and exciting information.

Best free online slots 2020

You can play free casino slots without deposits and any financial risks on our website. In essence, we keep an eye on trends of the gambling industry and can offer best online slots 2020, basing on players’ impressions. Here you can find:

  • · Wheel of Fortune
  • · Starburst
  • · Wizard of Oz
  • · Flaming Hot
  • · Book of Ra Deluxe
  • · Marvel slots and many others!

Types of Free Slot Games that are available for users

Since the first slot machine has been invented, this popular gambling game significantly changed. When the first mechanical construction was close to poker or fruit theme, modern free slot games online can offer dozens of thematics, mechanics and features. Today you can find exciting free slots in Egypt style or dedicated to space journeys. Best providers transfer popular heroes or plots to the games, invent new mechanics, combining slots and skill games. Tons and tons of them, and you can try it on our website, choosing from the massive collection! However, most of free slot machine games without downloading and registration can be categorized in a few groups. And here they are!

Video slots

Video slots — it is, actually, almost every slot game. Term 'Video' describe the mechanism of reels spin and the gameplay visualization. In the beginning machines had physical reels, that has been activated by pulling the lever. Now all free online slots are using graphics and video-effects. The best of them:

  • · Mega Fortune.
  • · Flaming Hot
  • · Avalon II
  • · Guns' n' Roses
  • · Starburst

3d slots

3d slots are those, with three-dimensional figures as symbols and in-game environment. Now you can also find online game to play using VR glasses. Among the most popular 3D games we can name Enchanted and Pinocchio by Betsoft, Fairy Tale by Endorphina, Frozen diamonds by Microgaming, EggOMatic by NetEnt. But the full list is really huge.

Progressive Jackpot slots

Everybody knows what Jackpot is. But what do game providers mean, saying 'progressive'? Progressive Jackpots have exciting mechanics! Some part from every bet the player makes goes 'to the bank'. So the Jackpot amount increase with every single spin. Usually, it's not only one slot takes part in Jackpot formation. There is the game network, so players all over the world refill the sum playing. It's not so easy to win the Progressive Jackpot, but the lucky one can receive millions as the main prize! For now, the most popular progressive slots are: Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Hall of Gods and Mega Fortune

3 reels slots

It is the oldest type of this game. Such games have only three reels and five pay lines. They usually don't have special symbols, except Scatter, no free spins or bonus rounds. But there frequently is the gamble game. Why are they interesting now, when every provider can offer an exciting game with multiple features? That's all the winnings. Three reel slots online are known for big payouts and simple rules. So they are usually the best option to start playing and learning what the casino slot games are.

5 reels slots

Games with five reels are the most popular nowadays. This type of game usually has many bonus features, exciting plot and full setup options. It's not only gambling but tripping in a video-story with multiple ways to win.

How Do Free Online slots works? Complete anatomy of a slot machine

Every game has its rules and mechanics. And even while no one has the guaranteed recipe on how to win casino slots, there is some information useful to know. When you learn how to do free online slot works, you'll have a chance to keep your bankroll safe and play convenient, without any questions and unnecessary loses. Let's find out what the slot machine is and how to set up convenient gameplay.

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator — is the core of every slot. It is the mathematical function, which generates the result of every spin. Imagine that every Symbol on a screen has its number. Every time you push the spin button RNG make number sequence, which determines what symbols in what series will appear on your playfield. Note: As the RNG is protected by every game provider, you can't cheat the program or influence on the spin result. That's why the free slot is still a game of chance, but not the skill-game.


Reel — it's the column of symbols (from the top to the bottom of the playfield). Every reel is consist of a specific number of symbols. The more pictures are placed on the reel, the more variations of the spin result the player can get.

Pay Lines

Pay Line — it is the Line, where the symbol sequence can form the winning combinations. The more pay lines are active during the game, the more chances the player has to get the payout. But pay attention: every line activation increase not only the opportunity to win, but also total bet!


Lines — it is a button on the control panel, which is used to choose the number of pay lines active for the spin.


Symbols - they are the images that you can see on the reels. It can be numbers and letters or some thematic pictures, depending on slot type. Symbols are used to create the winning combinations during the game session. Some of them also used to activate the slot's features. So all images can be divided into two categories:

  • · standard symbols — pictures that can only form the combinations;
  • · special symbols — images, that start bonus features.

Every combination of simple symbols has its price. You can see it on the paytable. There is one crucial rule for payouts: the longer combination is, the bigger is your winnings. Shortly describe what Slot machines symbols are and how they are essential. Talking about special symbols, we should describe it more accurate, because every type of them activates the special feature.

Wild Symbols

Wild Symbol — it is the picture, that can be used to replace missing Symbol in combination. Usually, it substitutes for all symbols, except bonus and scatters. For example, you can collect the standard combination - 10-10-10 on three reels if tens are placed on one pay line. But if there is 10-10-10-Wild — it will count as you collected four tens. If there is 10-Wild-10 combination on a screen, you'll receive payout ao for three 10 in a row. There are several types of Wild symbols in free slots online. It can be:

  • · Expanding Wild, which can cover all rows on one reel;
  • · Sticky Wild, which can stay on a screen during the next few spins;
  • · Wild Symbol that can move from last to the first reel during the next few spins, etc.

Also, Wild Symbol can play as Multiplier and double your payouts for the combination. Usually, the specific of Wild Symbol is described in a paytable.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter — is a special symbol, that can form the combination even when the pictures appear on different pay lines. If there are two, three or more Scatters on a screen, you can receive winnings, which are calculated using the total bet parameter. In modern slots, Scatter Symbol usually activates Free Spin game. Free Spins is the serial of spins, during which you don't need to pay the bet. So it helps to get your winnings without losing credits from the bankroll.


Multipliers can be special Symbol or the additional characteristic of the Wild Symbol. However, the main Multiplier's feature is increasing payouts for winning combination.

Bet amount

Bet amount (or Total Bet) shows you how many coins it will cost to spin the reels once. We advise you to pay attention: most of the winnings are calculated using 'Bet per Line' parameter. And only payouts for scatter combinations and some bonus games are using bet amount to calculate your winnings.

Slot Coins

If you play free slots online, the main currency you'll use for bets is coins (it also can be called chips). One more term you can meet is credits (demo credits). But coins and credits it's not the same on most part of the modern slot. Let us explain.

  • · Credits — is the analogue of real currency (USD, EUR, etc.);
  • · Coins — is the primary slot currency.

When you meet the free online slots with both parameters, there will be one more graph you can change. It calls the Coin Value. You can choose the coin denomination to increase/decrease the coin value. It will influence on your winnings in credits. For example: if one coin cost 0.1 credit, then 100 winning coins is 10 winning credits. But if coin value is 1 credit, you will receive 100 credits winning 100 coins. Playing free online slot games, you can learn how to run the bankroll using 'Coin Value' parameter.

Bet Per Line

Bet per Line means the number of chips you bet on one pay line. Pressing this button, you can increase or decrease your stake level. Keep in mind that the bet per line will influence the total bet parameter.

Bet Max

Bet Max — is the button, which not only selects max bet but also activates all play lines. Pay attention to this nuance to keep your bankroll under control. If you want just to increase your bet but not to add pay lines, it is better to change stake level manually.

Spin Button

Spin Button activates reels by click. As you push it, the spin starts.

Auto Start / Auto Stop

Auto Start and Auto Stop buttons created to ease your gameplay. If you want to play on a fixed amount of pay lines with a fixed stake, it is the best to use Auto Start to spin the reels automatically. On the most part of slot games, auto-spins will stop as the winning combination appears on the screen. It allows the player to start the game of chance (Gamble).

Gamble Feature

Nowadays the Gamble option represented on most part of the slot games. This feature allows the player to increase the winning amount after a successful spin. If there is a winning combination on the screen, you can use the 'Gamble' button to start the game of chance. There are a few most popular types of gamble-game:

  • · to predict the card's colour;
  • · to find the more valuable card;
  • · to click just in time, when the bar of the pyramid is highlighted.

If the player wins the game of chance, the winning for the spin is doubled. And it's possible to double the new amount in the next round of slot gamble-game. But if the player loses, all winning coins burn down.


If you win one or several rounds of the risk game in a row, and you are not sure if you want to continue gambling, push the Collect button. In a click, all of your winnings will be added to your bankroll, and you will return to the main game screen.

Where to play free online slots without downloading in the US?

The best thing in modern slots is that you don't need to download any install files to play. Free slot games are available on many online sources. In our catalogue of free online slots, you can find the best products by leading manufacturers. You can try over 6000+ games with no download and deposits here, at Find out how to play and choose the best games for further money game if you are interested.


Free online slots can be fun and exciting. It's a game you can play without any complicated rules and in-depth knowledge of game principals. All you need to keep in mind is the main idea that all winnings are given for the symbols combination. If you need additional information — you can always find it at the slot description section (paytable). It's completely safe to play free slots online as you don't have to download the game and deposit real money. Our site can offer over 6000 best free slot games right in your browser, so you can try them all and find your favourite game. Even if you choose free games, we strongly advise you to pay some attention to your behaviour during play session to prevent gambling addiction.

Free Online Slot Games FAQ

  • ✅ Can I Play free online slot games on my mobile phone?

    You can play all the best free slots on your smartphone and all the other portative devices, as all free games on our website are mobile-friendly.

  • ✅ Is there fair play at free online slots?

    Fairness of the game depends on where do you play. On our website, we can guarantee fair play as we use only the best software created by leading providers. So you can be sure that our free slot games are absolutely fair.

  • ✅ What Is A Payout Percentage?

    Payout Percentage (RTP) is a parameter, which shows how much money spent as bets the slot can return. For example, if players have made bets of 100 coins in total, and RTP is 96%, it means that 96 coins will be returned as winnings. Please, note that RTP is not the thing that works just during the session. This parameter is relevant for all the time that slot works. It means that you never know when you can get the winning combination. Also, there is no guarantee that the slot will pay out a significant amount after a long non-winning period.

  • ✅ Can I play slots without downloading and registration?

    Sure, you can. At our website, you can try more than 6000 free online slots playing in your browser. All you need is a stable internet connection and the actual version of Adobe Flash Player

  • ✅ Can I play slots for real money?

    You absolutely can! But you should find a reliable casino first. It's necessary not only learn about casino bonuses. We advise you to pay attention to the terms and conditions, payment methods and brand reputation before depositing and start real money game.

  • ✅ How to win at free online slots?

    Many players are looking for a winning strategy and are trying to find any patterns while playing. Still, there are no tricks that can guarantee the win. Any time you hear about «how-to-win strategy», please remember that all gains and loses depends only on RNG and have no connection to the stakes, play lines and time of the game session.

  • ✅ How to cheat at slots online?

    You can't cheat online slots, because they are well protected by manufacturer and casino as well. If the player tries to use the third-party software to break the slot algorithm, the casino will ban the account with no chance to withdraw winnings.

  • ✅ How to stop playing online slots?

    If you have doubts about gambling addiction, don't live the problem as is. The game, when it goes out of hands, can be hazardous for the player. So if you have any question or you just not sure you can stop at the right moment, you can find many helping resources at our website. Begamblingaware and many other organizations will help you to overcome gambling addiction.

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