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Instant Keno 80 Ball
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Instant Keno 80 Ball

Keno in recent years has become one of the most popular games, both on- and offline, and Betsoft have introduced their download free Instant Keno 80 Ball keno to its fans and global keno players. Keno is a combination of bingo and the lottery. It doesn’t have the enormous jackpot wins as does the lottery, but it gives the possibility of getting frequent wins and has a similar entertainment value of playing bingo. As a result keno is played by people of ages across the globe. It has a long history dating back thousands of years to its beginnings in China where the Emperor of that time invented the game to raise money for its dynasty. This game eventually came to the West and was named keno some hundred years ago. It then started to appear in licensed casino. As the popularity grew, governments and state run lotteries took on this game and began to sell keno tickets everywhere outside casinos.

Playing Instant Keno 80 Ballfree

This Instant Keno 80 Ballfree keno game plays instantly in the browser and is very quick and easy to play. The keno numbers in this game are generated by a Random Number Generator that has been passed by the gaming commission. To play this game you first select how much you want to wager, where you have a choice of betting, 0.25, 1.0 and 5.0 per game – the more you bet, the bigger the wins. You then select 10 numbers and simply start the game and 20 random numbers are generated. Wins in this download free Instant Keno 80 Ballfree keno game are paid according to the pay table and depends on how many of these random generated numbers match your chosen numbers. You need at least five numbers to get lowest win.

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