Shufflemaster Games

Gaming has been played for centuries, and Shuffle Master is a name that should be in your list of choices. Shuffle Master’s contributions don’t only comprise slots games however, it also includes other forms of gambling, such as blackjack or roulette. They have a long experience in the field and have contributions from all over the world, including online markets and brick and mortar casinos!

Shuffle Master History

The name refers to the clue. Shuffle Master was created to end “card counting” in casinos. John Breeding, an ex-truck driver from Minnesota was the founding father of Shuffle Master. He founded the company after having read an article in the Wall Street Journal back in 1983. After noticing that gamblers who used counting systems (which allows them to keep track of the deck of cards) were losing large sums of money in casinos, Breeding began to develop his concept of an automated system for shuffling single decks.

The machine that continuously shuffled ensured that every hand was handled with a fresh shoe. Breeding invested a total of $30K in his first business venture. This enabled him to concentrate on improving his device before making it available to casinos around 1992. It quickly gained the acceptance of casino owners and managers, who were able to end counting cards in single-deck games. Unfortunately for Breeding, most casinos were employing at least five decks in Blackjack variations. The shuffler he invented was not well-liked.

He immediately began working to develop a multi-deck shuffling device. But, he was aware it was going to take a while to be ready for the market. He was irritated at having to wait 10 years to develop his single-deck shuffler to be designed.

It was his wife who came up with the answer. He was challenged by her to create one deck of cards to market his single deck shuffler that is automated. He did just this! Let It Ride is a variant of poker featuring five cards. The players can lower their bets in case the cards aren’t exactly what they’d like.

The game was a massive success, with the majority of the advertising literature based on Breeding’s past truck driving experience. Shuffle Master was now well-known in the world of gaming. Even though Breeding was gone, the company continued to expand. Bally Technologies bought Shuffle Master for more than 1 billion dollars. Scientific Games bought Bally Technologies for over five billion dollars in the following year. The purchase allowed them to gain the rights to Shuffle Master Shuffle Master, often referred to as SHFL.

Shufflemaster Slots & Games

Shuffle Master is popular for its distribution of its games via affiliate partners and other sites. They also provide live casino products that function through their deck shuffler. Numerous portals incorporate their technology to provide live versions of blackjack, poker and baccarat. The brand also has a specialization in the field of technology: chips sorters on roulette tables.

Shuffle Master table and live games. Shuffle Master Table and Live Games give different bonus options. House Money, Bet the Set as well as Poker Games such as Three Card Poker (Let It Ride), Caribbean Stud, Four Card Poker are some of the most well-known games.

It is said that the Shuffle Master slot machines are iconic in the world of slot machines. Three Stooges, which features scenes from the movie’s name, is a well-loved Shuffle Master game. There are also interesting themes within Shuffle Master online slots, like Let’s Make an Offer as well as The Honeymooners. A few are inspired by television shows.

Our Verdict

Shuffle Master is a market leader in the game design field. They’ve developed games for large casinos that are located on land However, they also run online on numerous websites that offer slot machines and tabletop gaming entertainment to gamblers from across the globe!