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Online Casino Keno is one of the world’s most popular games that is played across the world by people of all ages. The reason why Keno has attracted so many players is that it combines the traditional enjoyment of bingo with the sheer excitement of the lottery. With Keno, you have the chances to win far more often than with the lottery, and you have the chance to win some of the online’s biggest jackpots with just a tiny investment.

It is also a simple game to play which requires no real gaming strategies – you just select your numbers and then hope for that big win. The keno game is the adrenaline-inducing game that has become so popular that leading game providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Amaya, Sheriff, and Betsoft to name a few, have brought out their own exciting Keno game variations.

Moreover, you can:

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You can try out all these free Keno games without limitations or restrictions in order to find the Keno games that you enjoy playing the most.

How Reliable is Free Keno Online?

When you play at a land-based Keno hall, the Keno numbers are normally generated by numbered balls, which are randomly thrown out of the Keno machine. In a similar way, online free Keno games use software that is known as the random number generator (RNG) and this is used by our game providers.

This (RNG) software s strictly controlled by independent regulators and guarantees that the payout levels featured by our game providers are true. Furthermore, all the casino sites that we recommend that you can play on after you have played our free Keno games, are also trustworthy and have been checked by the official independent gaming regulators.

All our free Keno games play instantly in the browser without the need to download any software. And you can play in complete anonymity since we do not require you to register to play on our site for free.

How to Play Keno Online Game?

Free Keno games are very easy to play. You are normally presented with a card numbered 1 through 80 and is arranged in 8 rows with 10 numbers per each. Players are allowed to mark off numbers on their free Keno game card according to their own wishes and keno strategy. Most online keno casinos will allow the players to mark off 10, 12, 15, or even 20 numbers.

The numbers that the players are choosing, will be the numbers they will be wagering on. Once the numbers from the free Keno game card are marked off, your bet is considered to be submitted. Randomly generated numbers will then appear and if the numbers marked off by the player are drawn, the player will be paid. The more numbers you will guess correctly, the bigger your win will be.

The Various Keno Ticket Types

There are several options you can use while choosing a ticket and playing keno online. The simplest and most straightforward is the straight ticket, on which you can mark any number you wish to place your bet. You are allowed to mark off up to 15 numbers on a single straight ticket, and you can expect good winning chances.

The multi-game ticket can be used more than once and is suitable for those players who believe in their winning combination and would like to stick to it for a certain number of games. The top or bottom ticket and left or right ticket allow you to choose which halves of the ticket you will play.

In most online casinos, however, you will be paid if you hit more than 11 numbers since this type of ticket allows you to mark off up to 40 numbers at once. There are also some other variations of the tickets, like Way ticket, Edge ticket, and so on.

Choosing the Right Keno Games and Software

There is a variety of different online free Keno games versions of the original Keno game, and no free Keno game version is better than another since it is purely a preference – you just have to choose the free Keno game or games that you enjoy most.

For example, while some free keno games will allow you to mark off up to 15 spots, they will also allow you to mark off 10 spots or less. This is not just a matter of your choice and taste, but is also an issue of free Keno online gaming strategy since the player who marked off 7 spots will play keno online with a different paytable than the player who marked off 13 spots.

Make sure to compare the pay tables offered by different software developers to compare the minimum number of correct hits required for a payout. While some free keno games require a minimum of 3 correct hits for a payout, others may require 5 or even 7.

Historical Roots of The Online Keno Game

While the word “keno” may sound like it has French or even Latin roots, most researchers suggest that this game was developed in China. As such, it is believed that Cheung Leung, who ruled the Han Dynasty around 3,000 years ago was in desperate need of money.

Since the people were already overtaxed and the dynasty was at war, Cheung Leung thought up the idea of a lottery to raise the money for the budget. The new lottery game was named Keno and became quite popular in China and around the world after several modifications.

The original game was played with 120 Chinese characters and was named “Chinese’s lotto”. As such, it was not suitable for Western civilizations. Therefore, when the Chinese immigrants brought the game to the North American shores, Chinese characters were replaced by numbers, and their total quantity was reduced to 80.

The Modern Age of The Keno Game

When gambling was made legal in Nevada, lotteries were still banned and the game was named “racehorse keno” to make it look like a racing game and not the lottery. After lotteries were legalized many casinos switched the name of the game back to “keno”.

However, in some casinos, you may still find “racehorse keno”. During the Internet age, the game moved online and became one of the most popular free casino games online which made it available to players around the world. Instant keno online offers the same positive gaming experience, joy, and excitement as the real-live keno offered in any of the land-based casinos without the expenses which you would incur if you were to play this game at the land-based casino for money.

You can play online keno for free at our site or try your luck in keno games for real money at the best online casinos. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to choose an online gambling casino site offering high keno payouts.