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Mega Jack is not a company name, but a trademark. The manufacturer of automatic machines is Bulgarian company Casino Technology. In 1999 the company produced a trial slot with 12 variations of entertainment. In a short period of time, the tested prototype gained huge popularity, which was the main impetus for the mass production of slot machines Mega Jack Slots.

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What do you need to know about Mega Jack

The relatively young company has invested a lot of effort to gain a foothold in this challenging business. And at the moment, it is a very serious competitor. The main task of manufacturer Mega Jack became the creation of qualitative models. The emphasis was not made on quantity.
After the ban on land gaming clubs, slot machines Mega Jack migrated to the expanse of the global network. At the same time, they began to be considered a subsidiary of Casino Technology Corporation.

Gaming device features Mega Jack

First, any player, whether a professional or a beginner, when turning on the slot machine Mega Jack, will be surprised by the simultaneous functionality and simplicity of the interface. This is a feature that is familiar to experienced users and attractive for beginners. There are some slots from other manufacturers, which will be difficult for a new user to master.
Secondly, the company has changed the visual effect when rotating drums. This feature can not boast other slot manufacturers. They have all the scrolls of the same type.
Third, there is another useful feature for gamers related to drums. You can stop them at any time or make them spin faster. This way, winning becomes more controllable. And if we talk about the return, in slot machines Mega Jack, it is about 96%, which is very good.
Fourth, the Bulgarian manufacturer has removed restrictions from the risk game. If in other slots you can play it a maximum of 64 times in a row, then here you can double your winnings infinitely (the main thing is to guess).
The only thing the company loses to other manufacturers is the number of slots produced. However, at the same time, the games that exist at the moment stand out for their excellent quality.
Another distinguishing feature is the presence of a golden letter “e” in many slots against the background of a red shield. It’s the so-called Yeshki Mega Jack.

Power sides of Mega Jack

There are several advantages of Mega Jack slots online:

  • Interesting and unique stories.
  • Security of all gameplay.
  • High slot yield.
  • Unsurpassed quality of slot machines.
  • Beautiful graphics, interesting animations, pleasant sound.
  • Easy to learn.
  • The ability to install 21 lines.
  • The ability to slots Mega Jack play online for free.
  • Maybe you can bet with Android.
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Mega Jack Top Games

According to the compiled statistics from various Internet resources, based on surveys among experienced gamers, it is possible to identify the three most popular machines of this Bulgarian developer.

Slot machines Mega Jack: Champagne Party

Probably this company’s most famous slot. It appeared in 1999, however, it was able to keep its relevance to the present day. If we talk about the plot, the name justifies itself (a party with champagne).
Here you will find cruise liners, palm trees, sea, sand, various fruits, branded horses and, of course, bottles of sparkling drink. It is the drink and is a key figure in this game. Thanks to him, and there is such a fun party. In Champagne Party from Mega Jack play online for free without registration and get only positive emotions.
This slot is distinguished by very beautiful graphics and interesting sound, which will not leave any player indifferent.

Gaming process

The game has a total of five drums with the ability to distribute 21 active lines. After setting a certain number of lines, you must bet and start the game. To see the information about the winning combinations, just click on the INFO button.
There are two types of bonus games in the Champagne Party. The first one is that when you hit three dollars (any location for one spin) you get 15 Free Spins. If you manage to get an extra three dollars during a free spin, your Free Spins will increase by 15.
The second option is a bonus minigame. It becomes available only after you have collected five bottles of sparkling drink in one line. Five closed bottles will appear on the screen. Your task is to make two moves and not make the wrong choice. If you are lucky, the bottles will show numbers. Their sum is the multiplier of your winning combination.
Mega Jack slot machines allow you to double your winnings. To do this, you can use the risk game. Here it all depends on your luck. If you guess the card – leave the game with a solid sum, if not – leave the game with nothing.

Aztec Gold from Mega Jack

The legendary Mega Jack is the Pyramids game machine. This slot is sure to be found in any casino across Europe. The same applies to the online version. The plot of the game is based on legends and myths of ancient Aztec civilization.
The machine will take you to unknown places, in search of ancient gold. It has not been found until now, so you have the chance to experience this challenging and exciting adventure.
Various animals, ancient pyramids (not Egyptian), mythical creatures, vegetables and images of ancient Aztec faces await you here. Play Mega Jack for free and without registration, and enjoy!

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